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Nicole K. Elmore, 35, who allegedly helped kidnap and torture a woman in Fulton County during the first week of the new year, has now been charged in Montgomery County for alleged abuse that occurred during the same period in a motel in Amsterdam.

Elmore was charged in Montgomery County with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree aggravated sexual abuse, first-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy, all felonies, according to a press release from the Montgomery County District Attorney Lorraine Diamond.

Elmore was arraigned late on the evening of Jan. 20 before Amsterdam City Court Judge Lisa Lorman and remanded to Montgomery County Correctional Facility, the statement said.

The abuse at the motel is part of the alleged six-day kidnapping and torture that began with Elmore and 31-year-old Gloversville resident Justin J. Wilson, who are accused of kidnapping the ex- Wilson’s wife at a home in West Fulton Street in Gloversville on New Year’s Eve before he brutalized the woman in Elmore’s trailer in the city of Perth and at the Knights Inn in Amsterdam for nearly a week before the victim could not escape to Gloversville, authorities said.

Elmore and Wilson also face charges of felony kidnapping, assault with intent to disfigure and aggravated sexual abuse currently pending in Perth City Court, but the charges are expected to be transferred to Fulton County soon.

Victim impact statements regarding the incidents she says took place at the Knights Inn came from the hospital on Jan. 7, where she submitted a supporting statement to the New York State Police. In the deposition, included in Perth City Court documents, the alleged victim said she was ‘repeatedly abused’ at the motel. The victim told state police that Wilson, who has not yet been charged in Montgomery County, according to the district attorney’s statement, attempted to drown her in a hot tub and forced her head in a toilet filled with urine. Additionally, the victim said, “They whipped me several times with a charging cable wrapped around a wrench.”

The victim also told police: ‘Nicole was involved in everything,’ court documents show.

Elmore faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted on the highest count of attempted first-degree murder, the prosecutor’s statement said.

Diamond, along with attorneys for Elmore and Wilson, could not be immediately reached.

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