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Albertville City Council adopted the preliminary 2022 budget and the property tax levy at its September 7 meeting. The budget has increased from $ 4.78 million (2021 budget) to $ 5.08 million (proposed 2022), an increase of $ 298,058 of 6.23%.

The property tax was increased by 4.55%, from $ 4.32 million in 2021 to $ 4.53 million, a difference of $ 215,567.

The final levy will not be certified until mid-December, which will allow time for review, discussion and modification of the 2022 budget and the tax levy if necessary. The final levy may be less than the preliminary levy, but not more.

Part of the royalty money will go to parks, park improvements and equipment.

The preliminary budget 2022 was created in three workshops with the board on July 19, August 2 and August 16. The preliminary budget and the levy will be finalized in December.

Some of the largest increases in the 2022 preliminary budget were for the fire department with an increase of 6.01% or $ 33,520, for a total of $ 591,467. The council budget line that covers council salaries also increased by 14.29% or $ 6,754 to $ 54,028.

The town hall budget line decreased 1.44% or $ 2,124, lowering the total budget line to $ 144,984.

The council also passed an increase in the annual pension benefit for the Albertville Volunteer Fire Department to $ 3,700 – an increase of $ 500 per year of service. Fire Chief Eric Bullen proposed increased retirements to council at its August 2 meeting. The increase had been added to the preliminary 2022 budget and was approved.

Fire department statistics

Also at the city council meeting, Bullen presented the Albertville Fire Department’s ongoing study on the total number of calls to emergency medical services and the potential calls they can answer. The study ran from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

The things that are included in EMS calls for the fire department are resuscitation with breathing or choking problems, injuries in a car accident and stroke or heart problems.

During the 12-month period that was followed, the ministry received an average of 334 calls per year. There were a total of 481 calls to the service for fire and EMS emergencies. Of the total number of calls, 277 were EMS calls.

“Our old normality [per month] was 30 to 35 calls, our new normal is 50, ”Bullen said.

The study’s trendlines show that the fire department is planning about 500 calls per year.

The city is under an agreement with Allina that dates back to 2008 when Allina that if the Allina ambulance was not near, the Albertville Fire Department would respond until the ambulance could reach them.

“Basically, if I am a resident of Albertville, what do I expect from an answer,” Council member Aaron Cocking said. “If I have a heart attack or a stroke, I expect to get some sort of quick response.”

Bullen explained that fewer people are volunteering to become firefighters, as the volume of calls continues to increase. He said it was not the fire calls that were overwhelming them, but the EMS calls.

The council asked what the ministry might need to reduce phone numbers.

Bullen would like to define a better protocol of what incidents the fire department responds to and what should be designated only for ambulances, such as non-emergency situations where the fire department sits with someone with a back pain. for an hour while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Bullen would also like to search for the original 2008 agreement document.

Mayor Jillian Hendrickson said she believes it is worth a protocol update and that it is worth holding Allina accountable.

Discussions will continue and Bullen says the next step is to review the full list of appeals.

In another action, the advice:

Liquor license APPROVED for the sale of wine and 3.2% malt liquor for The Hen and The Hog Liquor located at 5262 Kyler Ave. Ne, Suite 111.

APPROVED an aisle replacement contract, part of their aisle replacement program that helps fund aisle replacement. By approving the contract, the program funds were used for 2021.

APPOINTED two new members of the Parks Committee, Lauryn White and Terrill James to the two vacant positions.

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