As Fulton County dominates NYS in COVID-19 positivity, high profile events are called off

As Fulton County continues to have the highest 7-day COVID-19 positivity rank of any counties in New York state, some previously scheduled high-profile indoor events have started to be canceled.
From October 3-9, Fulton County had a 7-day COVID-19 positive percentage of 10.2%, with 262 new COVID-19 positive cases. Fulton County was the only county in New York state to crack double-digit numbers for the measure, with a 7-day positivity of 62 counties at 2.5%.
Fulton County’s 14-day COVID-19 positivity percentage is also the highest of any counties in New York state at 10.2%, but the total number of new COVID-19 cases was slightly worst from September 26 to October 2, with 296 new cases.
Geoffrey Peck, vice president of population health at Nathan Littauer Hospital and executive director of the Nathan Littauer Foundation, cited the local spread of COVID-19 in an internet article regarding the foundation’s cancellation of the project. October 15 “Around the World in 80 Days”, which was scheduled to take place at The Eccentric Club in Gloversville and serve as the annual “The Event” fundraiser for the foundation, which traditionally raises around $ 100,000 per year.
“Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel our in-person gala scheduled for Friday October 15, 2021,” Peck wrote in the post. “In 2020, we were fortunate to have support for a scaled-down outdoor party. This year, the challenges of COVID 19 make even that impossible. “
Peck said COVID-19 conditions in Fulton County make it too dangerous for an indoor event at this time.
“Right now, Fulton County is lagging behind in immunization and leading the infection rate,” Peck wrote. “The immunization mandate has exacerbated an already difficult labor shortage, and the costs to protect our community and patient care have skyrocketed.”
According to the state Department of Health, Fulton County continued to rank last in the predominantly rural Mohawk Valley for the percentage of residents who received at least one injection of COVID-19, in 49.1%, 26,314.
For comparison, neighboring Montgomery County has 62.5% of its residents with at least one injection of COVID-19, 30,914 people and Saratoga County has 71.1% of its residents with at least one injection of COVID-19. vaccine, 163,757.
Montgomery County has a 7-day positivity percentage of 8.4% and a 14-day positivity percentage of 7%.
Saratoga County’s 7-day positivity percentage is 3% and its 14-day positivity percentage is 3.1%.
Last week, the scheduled Mohawk Valley Brownfield Development Summit at the Johnstown-Gloversville Holiday Inn was canceled.
“Unfortunately, we had to postpone this until the spring due to COVID issues,” Fulton County MAF Chairman Ron Peters said. “Some of our partners who were coming in from out of state who had travel restrictions. We have had executives from some federal agencies to talk about their programs, and they are facing travel restrictions. We have to respect that. We had a few federal agencies, I don’t know which ones, but they had restrictions and they are withdrawing from travel, which affected us. We polled all of us and decided the safest thing was to postpone it. “
The event was scheduled to take place Wednesday and Thursday and 94 people were scheduled to attend. Majority Leader of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, DN, was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the summit, which reportedly focused on how municipalities like Gloversville can access federal funding to help clean up old industrial sites contaminated by the ground.
Peters said last week’s summit has been replaced by a “webinar,” but is hopeful that an in-person brownfields summit can be rescheduled for spring 2022.

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