As the gates open at the Trump rally in Conroe, the line of waiting cars stretches for a mile

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Thousands of people packed the Montgomery County Fairgrounds hours before the doors opened for former President Donald Trump’s first Texas MAGA rally since 2019.

Almost everyone was lining up for something: fried food, Trump merchandise, restrooms, or the security line to get in. The masses sporadically erupted in whoops or “Come on Brandonsings. The line of cars waiting to turn in the parking lot stretched for almost a mile.

The outfits would have looked at home at a major music festival. People wore bright colors such as American flag jumpsuits and neon cowboy hats.

The crowd is predominantly but not exclusively white, made up of people of all ages. Whole families walked together, hand in hand.

Enterprising locals sold t-shirts and camper flags on the grounds. The prices listed indicate that they sell for $20 each; hoodies for $28.

Many posted political slogans or swear words against President Joe Biden. A high-raised Confederate flag fluttered near the entrance.

DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” played loudly from the stage, set up hundreds of yards from the tailgate area. The playlist was mostly country rock with a few hits from the 80s.

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