Circuit Clerk Lemons wins Statewide Award

Montgomery County Circuit Clerk Holly Lemons was named Illinois County Officials Association Official of the Year at this year’s Spring Conference Tuesday evening, June 22, in Springfield.

“I was honored to receive the official award of the year from the Illinois Association of County Officials,” said Lemons. “It’s really humiliating to show up in front of other officials and receive an award of this magnitude. I was even more blessed by my family being there for this.

Each year, the Illinois Association of County Officials recognizes an outstanding county government official who best demonstrates the mission of improving the quality of county government through education, while promoting responsible public policy and providing ethical service and maintaining a high level of importance.

In a letter of appointment, Judge Jim Roberts of Hillsboro spoke about the transformation of the circuit clerk’s office under Lemons’ watch.

“I barely remember what the circuit clerk’s office looked like before Holly took the stand,” Roberts wrote. “She completely transformed the office. Holly was the epitome of modernization. She set out to convert all paper files into electronic and digital records, and in the process remodeled the office to be as paperless as possible, not only as needed, but to the greatest extent permitted by rule.

Roberts also highlighted the new technology Lemons has brought to the Montgomery County court system.

Another St. Clair County constituency clerk, Kahalah A. Clay also wrote a letter of recommendation for Lemons.

“Holly is an incredible, knowledgeable and respected circuit clerk, and she excelled in her role immensely,” Clay wrote. “Holly runs a great office and provides great service to the citizens of Montgomery County. She has implemented leading edge technology and scanning programming in her office for the past ten years.

After graduating from Nokomis High School, Lemons received his BA from Blackburn College in 2005 and his MA from the University of Cincinnati in December 2009.

Lemons has been a Montgomery County Circuit Clerk since June 9, 2009, and prior to that, she was a probation officer.

Lemons is the past president of the Illinois Court Clerks Association, chair of the Illinois Judicial College Circuit Court Clerk Training Committee, and co-chair of the Legislative Committee.

She is also a member of the Article V committee, the Oversight Committee, a mentor of the Montgomery County CEO Program (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities), two-time president of the Hillsboro Rotary Club and a member of the Montgomery County Agricultural Bureau. .

Lemons is one of the first District Clerks to be invited to teach at the Judicial Education Conference in 2020.

She resides in Hillsboro with her husband, Rob, and their four daughters, Maui, 13, Brylynn, seven, and twins Aspen and Afton, six. The family is also active in the Staunton Net Community Church.

“I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve my riding,” said Lemons. “I am eternally grateful for the friends who have become my family through our association. God continues to bless me with the opportunity to serve both and for that I am grateful.

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