Clarksburg waitress having seizure rescued by Montgomery County officer on leave – CBS Baltimore

CLARKSBURG, Maryland (WJZ) – A Montgomery County Deputy Police Chief was in the right place at the right time when a waitress at a restaurant in Clarksburg had a seizure.

Marc Yamada was on leave, having dinner late with his family in Bushel and a Peck when Vanessa Lopez fell to the ground.

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“I was working and everything,” said Lopez, 24. “I’m almost getting ready to leave, and that’s when I don’t remember anything. And then I just remember waking up outside on a stretcher.

It had never happened to him before. Yamada’s instincts kicked in when Lopez dropped all the glasses and plates she was holding on the floor.

“I knew you had to try to protect your head so as not to bump into the ground more,” he said. “I just tried to keep her calm, reassure her. I kept telling him it was ok, I’m here with you. I started patting her on the back and when I did that four or five times she suddenly gasped and started gurgling a bit and then came back.

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Lopez said she was about to return home and was lucky the seizure did not happen when she was driving.

“I’m glad it happened here with someone who knew what to do,” she said.

If it hadn’t been for the family’s decision to order dessert, Yamada says he wouldn’t have been there.

Honestly, I feel incredibly lucky that not many people have dessert so I’m lucky for that, ”Lopez said. “I love the way he kept his cool and made sure I was okay.”

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Lopez says her CT scan came back clean and she is now waiting to see a neurologist for a checkup to determine the cause of her seizure.

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