Clear all property taxes by July 31 or face action: MCG | News from Gurgaon

Gurgaon: MCG’s commissioner on Tuesday urged residents to pay property taxes by July 31 to benefit from a 10% discount over the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The civic body could start disconnecting the water and sewer connections of the failing from next month, he warned.
Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja said, “Residents can pay property tax on the MCG website. In addition, people can also make payment at the civic animation centers of the MCG offices in sectors 34 and 42. Payment can be made by sight bill or by debit and credit card. Cash payments up to Rs 5,000 are accepted in citizen animation centers.
MCG officials said about 2,000 notices had been sent to defaulters to pay their dues to avoid sealing their properties and breaking water and sewer connections.
The cumulative collection of property tax in fiscal year 2021-22 has so far exceeded Rs 29 crore. According to officials, property tax collection in April and May was Rs 1.02 crore and Rs 3.49 crore respectively. June saw the highest collection in the current fiscal year to date, the MCG recovering Rs 24.84 crore from property tax.
MCG had estimated income of Rs 1,103 crore from property taxes alone in fiscal year 2020-21, however, the civic body was only able to generate Rs 250 crore. for fiscal year 2021-22 is estimated at Rs 1,235 crore.
In addition, the commissioner in a recent decree had delegated the powers of control and management of property tax, rents and business licenses to joint commissioners. According to the decree, zonal tax officers will now work under the supervision of joint commissioners and all cases of collection will be reported to the joint commissioners.

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