Colorado Legislation That Would Eliminate State Sales Tax on Certain Advances in Hygiene Products

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) – The Senate Finance Committee on Monday unanimously approved legislation that would eliminate the state tax on essential hygiene products like menstrual products, diapers and products incontinence.

That brings Colorado closer to joining more than a dozen other states that don’t charge the same sales tax.

Originally called the removal of the pink tax and centered on ending the sales tax on women’s hygiene products, the bill is now titled “Don’t Tax Dignity”. The bill’s wording was also changed from “feminine hygiene products and diapers” to “incontinence products, diapers and menstrual products.”

Similar legislation failed in 2017 in the form of two bills, one focused on diapers and the other on menstrual products. In January, some original sponsors of the two separate bills combined them.

According to lawmakers supporting the bill, HB22-1055 would help Colorado families with children using diapers, the millions of people who use menstrual products, and adults who use incontinence products.

Currently, there is no sales tax on certain optional men’s health products, such as condoms or erectile dysfunction medication.

In a statement provided to KRDO in January by Democratic State Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, the statement states, “Menstrual products and feminine hygiene products are medical necessities for women…Why do we charge a sale on feminine hygiene products? We can address this gender inequality as other states have done.”

If adopted, HB22-1055 will come into effect in January 2023.

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