Comal County Holds Budget and Tax Rate Hearings | Community alert

Comal County Commissioners set public hearings on the 2022 budget, civil servant salaries and the 2021 tax rate at their weekly meeting on Thursday.

Comal County Judge Sherman Krause recommended a budget of $ 120.1 million on July 29, when he proposed reducing the 2021 combined tax rate by half a cent, to 35, 3515 cents per $ 100 of property valuation.

“Last Wednesday, the comptroller’s office finally released the updated forms used by assessor-collectors to calculate no new income and voter approval tax rates,” he said. “After the tax office calculated these numbers, it realized that the original (state) numbers were incorrect.”

The 2021 effective tax rate, or tax rate without new income, previously calculated at 34.853 cents per $ 100 of assessment, is now 35.1398 cents per $ 100. The cancellation tax rate, or voter approval tax rate, has increased from 46.418 cents to 38.0516 cents per $ 100 of assessment.

The 2021 combined tax rate for all county funds is 35.3515 per $ 100, a reduction of half a cent from the 2020 rate.

“This rate has not changed from last week,” Krause said.

The two public hearings will be held during the Commissioner’s hearings – the salaries of elected officials and the proposed budget of $ 120,129,876 on Thursday, August 19, the combined tax rate – which will be slightly higher than the rate without new income – on Thursday, August 26.

The county will raise more property taxes than last year’s budget by $ 7,312,970, or 10.2%, including $ 3,978,414 in tax revenue from new properties added to the tax rolls this year.

All elected officials will receive increases for the first time since 2019.

The sheriff will see a salary increase of $ 4,412 in 2022, increasing his salary from $ 110,316 to $ 114,728 per year. The county judge’s base salary increases by $ 6,877 to $ 92,838, the four commissioners will also see an additional $ 6,860 and $ 75,461 per year, and the assessor-collector will get an increase of $ 3,543 to $ 92,127 next year.

The County Clerk, District Clerk and Treasurer will receive increases of $ 2,940, to $ 76,453 per year; justices of the peace will see increases of $ 6,313 for annual stipends of $ 69,467; and constables will receive an additional $ 6,775 and $ 63,237 per year.

The salaries of county officials have already been published in the Herald-Zeitung, which will publish official notices listing the proposed budget, the proposed tax rate and the notices of the two public hearings. Commissioners could vote to pass the budget on those days and finalize a tax rate at any time before the final approved budget goes to County Clerk Bobbie Koepp on September 17.

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