Community forum held in Montgomery on heir property, scourge of the neighborhood

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Some houses in the capital are collapsing.

“You drive on the west side, north of Montgomery, and all the things you often see — closed, abandoned homes,” said Montgomery County District 4 Commissioner Isaiah Sankey.

Often these houses are hereditary properties, meaning they are inherited and passed down within a family. Which can present some problems.

“If a person living in heir property, they’ve been paying taxes like I said for 10 to 15 years, they may think they’re entitled to some of the city or county funding that goes to the home repairs, weatherization,” Sankey said.

They might not have a title deed.

To help dispel any misconceptions, a community forum was held at Maggie Street Baptist Church to discuss the heir’s property and the decaying neighborhood.

The community could enter, meet with a lawyer for free and leave with resources.

“We try to make sure they understand how to get proper title deeds,” he said.

This can help prevent neighborhood decay or when abandoned homes begin to negatively affect the surrounding community, perhaps lowering property values.

The commissioner told WSFA 12 News he wants to see fewer homes boarded up and abandoned, both for the good of homeowners and their neighbours.

“These conditions have an impact on the physical and mental well-being of the people who live there,” he explained.

For this reason, people with property issues are advised to meet with legal counsel. So you can expect another forum like this in the near future.

“That’s just the stimulus for more programs of this nature where you can really not talk but give people something that’s going to help change their behavior,” Sankey said.

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