County Manager: The property tax rate is currently $ 9.37; The 2022 budget report will be released on Friday

Noting that the Genesee County Legislature has no plans to exceed the New York State property tax cap, County Director Matt Landers said this morning he expects that the tax rate for 2022 is down 53 cents from last year’s figure.

“The rate right now, and the only reason the rate would increase if there was any change in estimates by the time the budget was finalized in late November, is $ 9.37 (per 1,000 $ of assessed value), ”Landers said.

That’s down from the rate of $ 9.80 in 2021, a drop of about 4 ½ percent.

The tax levy, or the amount to be increased by taxes, goes from $ 31,451,727 to $ 32,130,246, an increase of just over 2%.

Landers pointed out that municipalities such as Genesee County cannot increase their tax levies more than the 2% tax cap.

He said his office was finalizing spending plans for all funds and the general fund, but said both would increase from 2021.

“I will have these figures when I table the budget on Friday,” he said, indicating that his office would issue a press release tomorrow.

Genesee County is using $ 1.4 million of its unspent fund balance in 2022, up from $ 2.3 million used in 2021.

Landers said the new Genesee County jail – with groundbreaking work slated for next spring – is a key part of the 2022 budget.

“We have no debt service in the 2022 budget because we will be borrowing for the prison in 22,” he said. “Debt service will come out in 2023.”

There are, however, positions in next year’s budget for four new correctional officers – positions that are part of a prison transition team required by the State Corrections Board to be in place prior to the inauguration. .

“We’ll pick four of our most experienced commanders to work on this, and that’s all they’re working on,” Landers said. “Then we’re going to fill and hire four positions that we’re creating. These positions will be maintained with the new jail as there is an expected staff increase with the new county jail.

The county plans to spend about $ 70 million on a 184-bed jail on West Main Street Road, just east of County Building 2. The facility will include an E-911 emergency center.

Two full-time nurses will be on duty in the new prison, an upgrade from the current full-time nurse and one part-time nurse, Landers said, and four new positions will be added to the highways department – two seasonal and two. full-time positions – to focus on tree felling.

“We’re going to dedicate a tree crew that will work year round, working on the backlog of trees devastated by the emerald ash borer,” Landers said. “Trees are in the right-of-way and must be cleared for security reasons. “

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