East Hempfield discusses the budget; no tax increase planned | Community news

When: East Hempfield Supervisors Meeting, November 3.

What happened: Supervisors discussed the 2022 budget proposal, which does not include any tax increases.

Details: The proposed budget projects that the township will raise approximately $ 12 million in general fund revenue in 2022. The proposed spending is expected to total approximately $ 11.9 million, which will give the township a surplus of approximately $ 150,000.

Income: Township residents will continue to pay property taxes at the rate of $ 1.01 per $ 1,000 of property value. Property taxes are the township’s second source of revenue for the general fund, with a projected total of $ 2.7 million in 2022. The township’s main source of revenue is income tax, which is expected to generate 4, $ 5 million next year. Other projections for major revenue sources include $ 800,000 from various zoning permit fees, $ 1 million in real estate transfer taxes and $ 470,000 in cable franchise fees.

Expenses: The proposed budget funds most line items at the same or nearly the same rates as the 2021 budget. The largest expense is the police service, which would receive a total of $ 6.85 million. Other major expenses include $ 800,000 for the fire department, $ 670,000 for planning and zoning services and $ 2.3 million for public works. The proposal also includes a contribution of $ 26,300 to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force, reflecting the County’s request for $ 1 per resident.

Other funds: Money not included in the general fund includes $ 780,000 in state funds for road maintenance projects and $ 2.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds. The township is considering several potential projects for relief funds, including stormwater projects and new radios for the police department.

Next steps: The Administration and Finance Committee will discuss the budget in more detail at its November 11 meeting. A final vote on the budget will take place at the December 1 meeting.

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