Ellwood City Area SchoolBboard Provides Tax Relief to Former Ellwood City Medical Center

ELLWOOD CITY – The Borough and the City of Ellwood School Board are trying to strike deals to recover some of the overdue property taxes owed to the former Ellwood City Medical Center.

Ellwood City Manager David Allen said California-based Pelorus Equity Group Inc., the lien holder on the property, is beginning the process of claiming what is owed in taxes for the closed Pershing hospital. Street.

For the school district alone, the amount of overdue taxes owed varies between $ 600,000 and $ 657,000.

Amecore Holdings LLC, the former owner of the medical center, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 31, 2019, and former company owner Grant White resigned as CEO in February 2020 because he was subject to state and federal investigation.

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District attorney Jennifer Dambeck said that in the nearly two full years since the property was claimed by the Tax Claim Bureau, Pelorus has been the only company to express a major interest in the property, as l he bankruptcy case is still pending in federal court.

Dambeck said Pelorus, through his attorney, said he was unable to pay the full amount owed and asked if the district would be willing to reduce some of the amount owed and make so that Pelorus adopts a payment plan for the rest.

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Therefore, in a 6-2 vote, the school board proposed that Pelorus pay $ 400,000 of what is owed, allowing Dambeck to declare that the board is unwilling to drop below 368,000. $.

This motion was brought on the condition that Pelorus must either establish or sell the property to a business that would generate tax revenue, and not to a non-profit organization.

Board members Erica Gray and Jennifer Tomon were the dissenting voices, and member Kathy McComons was absent from Friday’s special meeting.

Tomon said she was against any reduction in what is owed due to neighborhood residents having no reduction on their taxes, as well as for employees who lost their jobs when the center closed and they failed. having no reduction on their taxes.

“Taxes are what they are,” she said.

Dambeck said if Pelorus does not complete any transactions or offers on the property by October 31, the property will continue to be listed for sale.

School principal Renee Pitrelli said she wanted any for-profit businesses to come in and generate income for the district and jobs for the region. She also said that the longer the building is left empty, the more it will deteriorate.

It has been noted that each year the property remains empty, approximately $ 200,000 in overdue taxes will be owed to the district.

Dambeck also noted that the Tax Claim Bureau will take 5% of the amount paid as part of its commission.

Ledger will continue to update this story with Pelorus’ response, which is due to the Borough and County, as well as the bankruptcy case itself when more details become available.

Nicholas Vercilla is a reporter for the Beaver County Times and Ellwood City Ledger. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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