Evidence loan without certificates – useful information and offers

Do you need financial support?? A loan without certificates is one of many solutions available on the market.

What are loans without certificates?

Cheap loans without certificates are a specific group of financial products. They are offered by non-bank companies and, unlike loans that only a bank can grant, they do not require a number of additional certifications.

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The advantages of this form of cash support are:

  • no written contract – applying for the so-called a loan immediately without certificates, there is no need to sign a formal loan agreement,
  • freedom of purpose – choosing loans without certificates, you do not declare what you will spend additional funds on,
  • loan cost – a loan in 5 minutes without certificates may have a higher or lower cost than a bank loan, but, interestingly, it may as well not have it at all. In the case of a bank, the loan interest is obligatory,
  • available amounts – in the case of loans, the amounts range from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. A loan of PLN 1,000 without certificates or a loan of up to PLN 5,000 without certificates – these are the most frequently chosen financial products.


Granting loans is a banking activity carried out only by the bank. Requires a written contract and a specific purpose (mortgage, car or consolidation loans).

In addition, interest and commission are added to the amount borrowed, sometimes also insurance costs. The loan amounts are optional, but granting such a benefit involves a number of formalities.

For whom a loan without certificates?

To apply for a loan without certificates, you do not have to go through time-consuming procedures and meet many, often quite restrictive conditions. You can apply at any time because cheap loans without certificates are products available online.

To be able to submit an application, you must be of legal age and have an ID card.

In the case of loans without certificates, your current situation in the labor market (full-time contract, work contract or temporary lack of employment) is not taken into account.

The loan company will also not verify your credit history, and the time to consider a loan decision will be much shorter than, for example, a bank loan.

How to get a loan in 15 minutes without certificates?

  1. Think about whether you really found yourself in a situation where you need extra money. Consider whether a loan in 5 minutes without certificates is currently your only solution.
  2. Go to the well-known and proven offer comparer, e.g. totalmoney.pl, and get acquainted with the latest offers of many loan companies.
  3. Choosing the right amount is the key to success. Never apply for more than you actually need. It’s easier to pay back less than the revalued amount.
  4. Set the repayment period so that you do not exceed it. Remember that failure to meet the repayment deadline may result in unplanned additional costs.
  5. Read the contract, read the small print items, do not skip attachments. Your vigilance will help you avoid any mistakes.
  6. Have you compared the available loan options without certification? Excellently! If you have decided on a specific offer, click “take a loan” and enjoy the additional financing.

A good loan, PLN 1000 without certificates

A good loan, PLN 1000 without certificates

If you are looking for financing up to 10,000 PLN, we have good news. The most loans available on the market are up to this amount. Most often, these are offers without additional certificates (please read Who is the loan for proof? ) And not subject to verification in Retrodatabase.

What’s more, if it’s your first “quick” loan, APRC, or Real Annual Interest Rate, can be 0%.

Promotions such as “First loan for free” are usually monthly offers. This means that the repayment of your liability cannot exceed 30 days from the date of the loan. Why? Because if you do not meet this deadline, you run the risk of additional costs, e.g. debt collection or even court fees.

Fast loan up to PLN 5,000 – find out

Loan up to 5,000 without certificates is another financial product that enjoys quite a lot of interest, because this sum allows you to cover unexpected larger expenses very quickly.

A sudden renovation in the apartment or car repair are just examples of situations you may face unexpectedly. What’s more, in such moments you usually can’t wait for the bank to grant you a loan.

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Is there a 10,000 loan without certificates or a 20,000 loan? without certificates?

Is there a 10,000 loan without certificates or a 20,000 loan? without certificates?

Yes and no. The loan companies offer includes suggestions such as a loan of up to 10,000 without certification. Remember, however, that higher amounts – up to 15,000. zł. – it is practically 15 times loans 1000 PLN without certificates.

The service provider will probably want to check your Retrodatabase history.

In the case of a PLN 10,000 loan without certificates or higher, of course, the “first loan for free” option is not available.

Loan without certificates – expert summary

Access to a quick loan without certificates, sometimes even in 15 minutes, is provided by technology, specifically the internet. After all, there are mainly companies from the loan industry. Thanks to the network, the product selection process is shortened and potential client verification becomes simplified.