FBI Investigates ‘Computer Incident’ at Martin County Tax Collector’s Office

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. – FBI is investigating “computer incident” that Closed Martin County Tax Collector’s Office For several days, frustrating the inhabitants, Contact 5 has learned.

The tax collector broke her silence with Contact 5 on Tuesday to announce that there is good news and bad news in an office that provides the community with many services, such as renewing car labels.

The good news is that some systems are up and running. WPTV observed some people who were able to pay their property taxes.

The bad news is that there is little information about the damage inflicted by what could be a malware attack.


Martin County Tax Collector Ruth Pietruszewski talks about persistent computer problems in her office.

Collector Ruth Pietruszewski said the problems started on October 16 when she could no longer log into her system. She took immediate action, shutting down the computer system and informing the relevant authorities.

The office has been closed and the FBI is investigating, she said.

“We haven’t done any,” Pietruszewski said when asked to define the computer problem.

Pietruszewski said she was not sure exactly what caused the malfunction.

WPTV asked him if the problem was due to ransomware, where a hacker demands a ransom to free a computer system.

“It would be investigated, so I can’t speak to it,” Pietruszewski said.

She said it’s not clear whether someone’s personal information has been compromised or compromised.

“We don’t know because it’s in the investigation. It’s in forensics,” Pietruszewski said.

At this point, the tax collector’s office said their office was limping and they had rebuilt the computer servers.

However, essential services remain offline, including its Department of Motor Vehicles.

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