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Judicial tax sale can be a rewarding opportunity for real estate sharks to land an investment.

It will be more difficult this year, however, as the list of available properties is significantly shorter than normal.

A total of 22 properties were listed on an initial notice published in the Times Observer last week. Some of these properties have already been removed from the list.

And Tax Claims Director Phil Gilbert said he wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more fall before the sale scheduled for May 26 at 1 p.m. at the Warren County Courthouse.

“Our judicial sale is for properties that did not sell in the upset sale at the end of last year,” said Gilbert. “The upset sale was low compared to previous years. Then, this affects the judicial sale.

He said the low numbers are due to a combination of things.

“There was the stimulus money, the ability to pay online, (and) our address for reviews is getting better and better,” he said.

If you own a property that is on the list, “you would have to pay whatever is overdue in my system, at that time, in full”, to avoid the sale.

But, for Gilbert, “the shorter the list, the better.

“That means we recoup our costs by bringing these properties through the sales process,” he said.

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