Lawmakers prepare gas, sales tax relief package – NBC Connecticut

Lawmakers will return to the State Capitol on Wednesday to deliver more than $100 million in tax relief to Connecticut residents.

“It does at least provide temporary relief to some of the high gasoline prices we’ve seen and also some of the higher inflation we’ve seen, as well as clothing, footwear and other types of property,” the Senate majority said. said chef Bob Duff.

Duff says the bipartisan package includes a 25-cent-per-gallon gas tax exemption through June 30, an additional sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear under $100, and a ticket to free bus for the month of April.

“I think it will bring real savings to families,” Duff said.

The biggest part of the package is the gas tax exemption.

“Today we’re at $4.33 a gallon, 16 cents lower than the peak 11 days ago, but still 66 cents higher than a month ago and nearly a dollar fifty from a year ago,” said Alex Slatky, spokesperson for AAA Northeast. .

Slatky says if Connecticut lawmakers follow through, he expects there will be relief at the pumps.

“Maryland was the first state to implement the Gasoline Tax Exemption and, unsurprisingly, they saw the biggest drop in gas prices last week,” he said. declared.

But the devil is in the details.

“If you just flip the switch and say there’s no more tax, we have to remove the already taxed gasoline from the tanks before we can actually pass the savings on to the public,” said Chris Herb, president of Connecticut Power Distributors Association.

Herb says lawmakers must credit gas stations for the gas they have in the ground.

“We hope that the legislation will provide wording providing for a refund or credit at the petrol station so that we can immediately pass on these savings. Otherwise, there will be delays at different times,” Herb said.

He says they are family service stations.

“You can’t stop everyone from doing the wrong thing, but the vast majority are going to make sure their customers get that benefit,” Herb said.

Sources say NBC Connecticut lawmakers don’t plan to credit gas stations for taxes they’ve already paid on gas they have in the ground. They say they should be able to get rid of all that supply before the tax relief takes effect on April 1.

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