Montgomery County Commission on Aging Gives Facts on Hearing Loss

The Montgomery County Commission on Aging (CoA) released a information sheet for those in the county who may be suffering from age-related hearing loss.

The facts include information on the causes, preventions, costs and treatments for seniors with mild to severe hearing loss, according to a Montgomery County Press release. The CoA warns that people who rely on lip reading and have difficulty hearing with mask warrants may also suffer from hearing loss without realizing it, which could potentially lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation social and other health issues.

The fact sheet includes data from a report published in the Journal of American Medical Association that attributes hearing loss to increased risks of dementia, depression, falls, and hospital visits. In some cases, it can come on suddenly or the loss can be gradual over time.

Symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Having trouble hearing on the phone
  • Has trouble hearing conversations when two or more people are talking
  • Often ask people to repeat what they say
  • The need to turn up the volume of the TV to a level that makes others complain
  • Find the annoying background noise
  • Hear others talk while mumbling

The fact sheet also warns that hearing loss could be caused by loud noise, changes in the ear, certain health conditions or medications, aging, or it could be hereditary.

For more information on hearing loss or for help, visit the CoA website website or read it information sheet.

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