Montgomery County Community College: scholarship will help Montco Grad get his next degree

Like many students, William Drewes was unsure of what to do when he
high school graduate. He tried working as a house painter, but soon realized
it was not his career.

Instead, he changed direction and decided to try Montgomery County Community College.
Montco was close to where he lived in Lansdale with his grandmother and great-grandparents,
and he felt comfortable on campus when he visited. Since he helped heal
for his family, he wanted to attend a college that was nearby.

At first he encountered obstacles on the road while learning French, but
he did not give up.

“My advisor, Ms. (Jennifer) Gordon, was amazing,” said Drewes, who quickly became
his grades and was on the dean’s list. “She helped me guide me so much.”

In addition to helpful advice from his advisor, Drewes found his teachers to be
motivating and encouraging.

“History teacher Anna Raskin was amazing. Hearing her own stories about life in
the Soviet Union made the class very impactful. It was probably one of my favorites
history course that I took at Montco, ”he said.

“Associate professor of history Patrice Laurent has a fun sense of humor and facilitated my
anxiety about going back to school, ”he added. “History instructor Sanket Desai was
full of passion with his lectures – I really wish I could have entered another class of
its in my schedule, ”he said. “I’m awful at math, but assistant math professor Brandon
Klarman was very supportive in explaining things. ”

“I have never met someone so passionate about the evolution of North American regions
architectural styles like Assistant Professor of Geography Wayne Brew, and he is the only
person I have met who matches my enthusiasm for eight tracks and hi-fi systems, “he said.

This inspiring learning environment, in collaboration with the caring faculty of Montco, has helped
Drewes connects the dots between his long-standing enthusiasm for the story and a major.

“I’ve always been interested in history,” said Drewes, who loves Greek and Roman.
myths and reading stories. “I remember learning about the holocaust in fifth grade
grade, and I couldn’t imagine how such a horrible thing could happen, and I wanted to
to know more.”

Following this direction, Drewes obtained his associate degree at Montco, and he is
continue his studies at Temple University, with a specialization in history. he envisages
a career as an archivist, although at this point he wants to keep his options open.

As he packs his things to move to Philadelphia, Drewes is grateful to the Ryan
Johnson, Ph.D., Endowed scholarship that helps him take the next step in his educational journey.

Dr Ryan Johnson was a beloved history professor at Montco’s Pottstown Campus who
died in 2013 at the age of 32. He was a dedicated educator with
a passion for history and a strong belief in the importance of higher education and
lifelong learning.

In honor of her love for history and her dedication to education, her family and friends
established the endowment scholarship. This prestigious award is given to a graduate
student who has demonstrated academic excellence, a passion for history, a commitment to
continuous training and resilience to overcome obstacles.

“(History Assistant) Professor Douglass Powell told me about the scholarship, and
it will help a lot, ”said Drewes, who appreciates the financial support that
allow him to complete his next degree.

Although Drewes and Johnson did not have the opportunity to meet, the two reportedly connected
about their common interests in history and vintage toys.

Drewes began collecting vintage toys from the 1970s and 80s, including He-Man, GI
Action figures of Joe, Jem and the Holograms, when he was in his early teens and went
at flea markets with his grandfather. Before vintage toys, he collected Coca-Cola
memories. Likewise, Johnson was a collector of Transformers figures.

“I have always liked going to markets and shops and finding objects from the past”
said Drewes, who continues to practice his hobby through online research.

In the years since graduating from North Penn High School in 2016 and working as
painter, Drewes now has a clear picture of his future with a path forward to achieve
thanks to his supportive family, Montco Faculty and Ryan Johnson, Ph.D., endowed

This press release was produced by Montgomery County Community College. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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