Montgomery County Prepares For Vaccine, Testing Warrant | Government and Politics

County employment – including schools and municipal governments in Christiansburg and Blacksburg – is over 4,000.

McMahon told supervisors that employers were initially required to put a policy in place by December 6 and start adopting those measures on January 4. However, he said the requirements had been suspended due to the continued challenge to the Biden administration’s tenure in federal court.

Whether county employees will need to be vaccinated or be tested weekly will depend on the outcome of the litigation, McMahon said.

“In the meantime, we think we just can’t wait for the courts to decide,” he said. “We have to start preparing.

The Biden administration also asked the Cincinnati Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals – which has been charged with handling lawsuits challenging the warrant – to lift a recent court order that blocked the vaccination and testing rule, according to de recent press articles. .

Another point discussed by supervisors and staff in Montgomery County was the potential penalties that could flow from mandate violations, if the rule were upheld in court.

The county would face a fine of $ 136,000 per violation if it refused to comply with the warrant, McMahon said. However, it is not clear at this time whether this would be a one-time penalty or a recurring fine based on days or weeks, he said.

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