Montgomery County Redistribution Commission meets July 14 – Conduit Street

The sixth meeting of the Montgomery County Commission on Redistribution will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, July 14 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The meeting will be webcast live on the Montgomery County Council Facebook page.

The Redistribution Commission was created after the confirmation of 11 members appointed by the Council on January 26. In the 2020 general election, the Montgomery County Charter was amended by voters to require the county to be divided into seven council districts to elect seven districts and four non-executive council members. The Charter required the Council to appoint a Redistribution Commission made up of 11 registered voters who reside in the county.

According to a county press release:

At the last meeting, the Commission discussed the proposed “ground rules” for establishing Council Districts using the rules of the National Conference of State Legislators as a starting point. The Commission also discussed Community Outreach Strategies, led by Commissioner Samuel Statland who volunteered to help coordinate engagement efforts between county residents and the Commission.

The sixth meeting of the Redistribution Commission will begin with greetings from Commission President Mariana Cordier and will be followed by the approval of the minutes of the meeting. Then the meeting will continue with a report on participation in outreach meetings and coordination of upcoming meetings.

The group will then discuss other observations using the redistribution mapping tool, and optionally share sample draft maps to illustrate different approaches to using the tool and implementing the ground rules. .
At the request of Commissioner Stein, the Commission will discuss possible changes in meeting dates starting this fall.

The members of the Redistribution Commission are: Imad Aldean Ahmad, Laura Ard, Mariana Cordier, Keshia Desir, Arthur Edmunds, Valerie Ervin, Bruce Goldensohn, Jason Makstein, Nilmini Rubin, Samuel Statland and David Stein.

Learn more and read the full press release.
See the July 14 meeting on the Montgomery County Facebook page.

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