Montgomery Supervisors Divided Over Home, Private School Vouchers | Government and Politics

Bohn, however, countered that transgender people have always been around, but fearful of disclosing their identities.

Supervisor Sherri Blevins, a Republican, echoed some of Fijalkowski’s points. She said she saw the problem as a matter of parental choice, which she believed in.

“For parents who don’t like the way public schools are going now – they don’t like what the state is doing, basically – I wish they had that choice,” a- she said, adding that she still wanted to see a level playing field for families frustrated by events at local schools and opting for private or home schooling.

Blevins also spoke of the reduction in public enrollment resulting in a reduction in the need to build larger schools and spend more money.

Bohn countered that schools will not necessarily see reduced costs or even avoid spending more money due to the maintenance of their existing spaces and facilities.

“Darrell’s bus is always going to cost the same amount,” Democratic supervisor Mary Biggs, a former teacher, said in reference to school bus driver and fellow Republican supervisor Darrell Sheppard.

While the supervisory board, which has a 4-3 GOP majority, could not agree on the issue of the vouchers, the item was left in the draft due to majority support.

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