Montgomery supervisors face more calls to quash school voucher surge | Government and Politics

Fijalkowski has apologized for some of the comments he made during the discussion of the vouchers.

“I realize that school vouchers are a very polarizing subject, and I should have thought about how this might affect the student and their family,” he said. “For this, I apologize for any anguish or anger caused by my words.”

Despite the good reviews, the measure is supported in at least some parts of the community.

“As taxpayers, we have the right to decide exactly what we want to do with our money and where we want to send our children to school. It’s our right, ”said Jo Anne Price, a resident of Blacksburg.

Public education in the United States was designed to promote the values ​​of the nation, which included Judeo-Christian principles from which schools strayed, Price said. Taxpayer money should be used to promote these values, she said.

“Thus, parents who do not agree with what is taught in public schools have the right to send their children where they want to send their children to go to school,” she said. .

Price referred to efforts elsewhere in the country to effectively quell certain activities and policies within local schools. She specifically spoke about recent objections in North Carolina to the controversial academic concept of critical race theory, transgender politics, masking and vaccines.

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