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(KMAland) – A KMAland community foundation recently announced several grants for local nonprofit and community projects.

In a Press release Earlier this month, the Montgomery County Community Foundation announced the distribution of $ 32,800 in grants to nonprofits and community projects in Montgomery County for its fall 2021 cycle. from Iowa, Stacey Goodman, said more than 10 different groups and projects in Montgomery County have received funding.

“We actually had 13 recipients this year, and it really varies from some conservation and outdoor recreation efforts, as well as benefiting some members of the arts community and everything in between,” Goodman said. “It has been a great year with wonderful nominations, so it was very exciting to see these dollars awarded as part of this fall cycle.”

Some of the largest grants awarded include $ 6,500 to the Red Oak Grand Theater for a fundraising donor recognition wall, $ 4,350 to the Southwest Iowa Fishing Team for a conservation of fish habitat and $ 4000 to the restored Burlington Northern Depot and WWII Memorial Museum. for the stabilization of the museum walls.

Goodman says grant applications were due in September of this year and were screened and selected by an advisory committee.

“These board members are representatives from across the county who are able to volunteer and share their time to review the applications we receive each year,” said Goodman. “Then they are able to look at these different funding opportunities and look for ways to maximize the impact and make a difference in various aspects of community life around Montgomery County.”

Goodman says the money for the grants comes from several outlets. However, the majority is done through an expenditure amount from the Core County Endowment Fund.

“This was collected from local donors who want to impact generations to come and who donate to the Core County Endowment Fund,” Goodman said. “In addition, we are able to have dollars funded by various community funds and area of ​​interest funds.”

Over the past 23 years, the Montgomery County Community Foundation has awarded more than $ 2.2 million in grants and scholarships. Those wishing to learn more about the Montgomery County Community Fund can do so by calling 1-800-794-3458.

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