Personal payday loan as a civil servant: these are the benefits

Borrowing money as a civil servant has its advantages. Do you want to know which one? In this blog you can read more about the benefits you enjoy as a civil servant when taking out a personal payday loan.

Benefits personal payday loan for civil servants

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As a civil servant you take out a personal payday loan with the National Credit Checker at a historically low fixed interest rate from 3.9%. A personal payday loan is the ideal form of loan for civil servants. The loan offers security: you pay a fixed amount every month and you borrow with a fixed interest during the entire term. You also pay extra repayment without penalty.

Why civil servants borrow cheaper

Why civil servants borrow cheaper

The reason that civil servants can borrow at the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands is because they have a very good ‘payment mentality’. They are known for their good payment behavior. The high job guarantee is a reason for this. This gives lenders certainty. In this way, the banks run much less risk and can offer the lowest interest rates.

Another important reason that civil servants can borrow at the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands is related to the so-called professional code that lenders use in their acceptance criteria for the loan application. If you apply for a loan as a civil servant, it will be assessed on various points. For example, a owner-occupied home gives more points than a rental home. A high income also gives you extra points and there are a number of important things. In addition, the credit intermediary can provide you with a ‘professional code’. One of the professional codes is the Civil Servant Code. This code scores more points than the professional code of a profession with less certainty. That is why civil servants can borrow money for less money.

Loan borrowing? This is the time!

Loan borrowing? This is the time!

Do you already have a loan as a civil servant? This is the time to take out an attractive loan. The fixed interest rate is currently historically low. Profit this year. Then we will convert this completely free of charge for you. We also offer the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands when you need money for, for example, a renovation or financing a car!

Lowest interest for civil servants

Putting together a financing proposal for you independently and transparently is very important to us. That is why the National Credit Checker does not use a separate name for a civil servant loan. We only know a personal loan or a revolving credit. With a very low interest rate from 3.9% which is also fixed. In short, the most advantageous loan on the Dutch market also for civil servants.