Property tax rose up to 800%, the industry to intensity | Hubballi news

Hubballi: Although the government claims to have increased the property tax by 30%, challans are generated with an increase ranging from 2% to 300%, and in some cases, to 800%. While an Ilkal-based organization has already filed a public interest dispute in the High Court, several other organizations, including the Karnatak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have formed an action committee to oppose the the exorbitant increase. They are also planning to go to court and prepare to start a statewide unrest.
Vinay J Javali, President of KCCI, informed TOI that taxes are excessively increased in all urban local bodies (ULBs) in the state except BBMP. “When the government implemented the self-assessment program in 2005-2006, it promised a 15-20% increase once every three years. He released a statement in February saying he would increase property taxes by 2 to 15%, despite our requests not to do so because the economy had collapsed due to the Covid epidemic. We now have reports from 25 business organizations that taxes have been increased in defiance of all standards and regulations. Over the past 4 to 5 months, we have tabled numerous memoranda to the administration and even met with ministers, but to no avail. So we formed an action committee to fight the problem. Our legal team gathers all the documents in order to file a public interest dispute in court. If the government does not take it seriously, we will engage in a legal battle, ”he said.
Vasant Ladawa, chairman of the KCCI action committee, said property taxes are increased by a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 840% in reality. “For example, HDMC collected Rs 18 lakh tax on a property last year. However, it was increased to Rs 15.94 lakh in challan this year. When we approached the officials, they said that this had been done automatically by the software. The government should note that software, portals and websites for property tax collection are totally inappropriate. However, many taxpayers are unaware of this increase unfair tax. Payers who paid Rs 2,000 last year paid over Rs 9,000 this year. Because there is no assessment, tribunal or appeal authority on questions of property tax, the ULB illegally collect high taxes. As the tax is increased, the tax on health, library, beggars, GDS and urban transport is automatically increased ”, a-t -he explains.
Praveen Hebsur, member of the Hubballi-Dharwad Kalyan Mantaps Association, and Sachin Shah, member of the Karnataka Automobile Dealers Association, claimed that the illegal but silent hike has put a burden on all owners of commercial and residential property. during the financial crisis that arose out of the Covid pandemic. “This is harassment for everyone at a time when people are reeling from the economic crisis,” they added.
The Mysuru Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already registered a protest, and Vasant Kumar, former president of the Shivamogga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will soon file a PIL. “The government should make a decision during the current winter session in Belagavi. If that does not happen, we will intensify our fight and the legal battle,” Ladawa said.

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