WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – After Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced her “Tax Axis” initiative to eliminate sales taxes on food, some heads of state said more needed to be done.

A lawmaker now wants to eliminate the sales tax on all hygiene products.

Products like toothpaste, diapers, and cleaning products may become a little cheaper in the near future.

If a domestic bill that would eliminate the sales tax on all “hygiene products” passes this legislative session.

“I’m going to buy anyway, but I mean, if that helps people, I mean, it’s good too,” said Chandler Wages.

Anthony Gibson said, “I totally agree. Godliness is cleanliness. It is what it is.”

Gibson said the tax on this type of product may seem small, but it really does add up and could help low-income families.

“It releases a lot of different things. People struggle, some people struggle to buy the basics. And that’s what you need, the basics,” Gibson and Kamau Johnson said in agreement.

“Especially for the homeless and the less fortunate, I think it would be good and it could make people give more back,” Johnson said.

State Representative Vic Miller, who introduced Bill 2461, said the time had come to pass legislation like this following Governor Laura Kelly’s proposal to eliminate the food sales tax.

“It affects the right people in the right way when we get tax relief. This is the first place it should come from this food tax. But it looks like we have more than enough money to allow us to include hygiene items as well, ”Miller said.

Miller said at this point he didn’t know the likelihood of the bill going through the first go-around, but said the state was doing well enough financially to afford to make it law.

“In terms of total dollars, it’s nothing for the state to give up the $ 15, 13 to 15 million of its total budget, but $ 30 to some people,” Miller said, “But $ 30 for some people is a lot of money. “

At present, this bill has just been tabled, so it will not be discussed at the Topeka State House before the resumption of legislative sessions next Monday.