Rockville is home to a new global pandemic prevention center

Connected DMV has launched a new global pandemic prevention and biodefense center at the US Pharmacopoeia offices on Twinbrook Parkway, according to a Rockville Economic Development, Inc. Press release.

The center was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to help prevent future outbreaks through the development of a stockpile of human monoclonal antibodies that would be used for cases of emerging infectious diseases. In the event of an epidemic, the distribution and administration of antibodies throughout the global health ecosystem and pandemic prevention would occur.

Montgomery County was chosen to host the center because of the essential health research, biotechnology, defense and government assets that are needed to provide a large-scale response. The office of the American Pharmacopoeia in Rockville was also chosen because it is an independent, not-for-profit scientific organization focused on building trust in the global drug supply chain.

“This center is not only essential for the health, safety and security of our country and the world, but it is also an important concept of economic development and job creation that we want to see come to fruition.” County Director Marc Elrich said.

Connected DMV creates efforts toward new “transformational approaches and initiatives that cross jurisdictional boundaries,” according to the press release. It also hosts initiatives on pandemic prevention and preparedness, infrastructure resilience, quantum innovation, clean energy, economic mobility, economic renewal and social equity with several representatives from Montgomery County, including the county executive and the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC), serving on the steering committee for these initiatives.

“We appreciate the leadership and sponsorship of Montgomery County, the MCEDC and the United States Pharmacopoeia in supporting the strategy and now the physical location of the Global Center for Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense,” said Stu Solomon , President and CEO of Connected DMV in the press release. . “By working together, the Center will propose an ambitious program of medical countermeasures (AHEAD100) which aims to develop and store monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for the 100 main pathogens in the world in the 25 families of the most common pathogens. likely to cause future pandemics while promoting a fair economy growing the VDD.

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