The proposed tax increase would pay for the Osage Beach equipment and fire station


Camden and Miller counties will vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2 on a tax proposal that would pay for new fire equipment and a new fire hall.

The property tax increase will cost residents 30 cents for every $ 100 of property value. It would cost homeowners $ 114 per year for a $ 200,000 home.

A second bond issue would increase property taxes by 14 cents for every $ 100 value.

The Osage Beach Fire has not had to request a bond issue for over 25 years, and the fire chief said as the population continues to grow, they must take action to improve current needs. and future of the stations.

Paul Berardi, Osage Beach fire protection chief, said that over the past year, the Osage Beach fire protection district has seen a 10% increase in its call load. emergency.

Berardi said population growth has increased the station’s needs.

“Our average response time is around eight minutes and fifty-six seconds, our goal is to hit five minutes and thirty-five seconds,” Berardi said.

A portion of the property taxes levied on the bonds will go towards the relocation of the No. 1 Fire Station to Osage Beach Parkway, in order to improve response time.

“We want to go on the promenade, as you noticed when you came here today you came about a mile from the promenade and not only are we a mile from the promenade, we are at a place where we can only go one way, ”Berardi said. .

About 90% of station calls are medical calls.

Currently, the station has an EMT which enables them to provide basic emergency care.

The increased tax levy would go to a new advanced EMS resuscitation service.

The distraction also wants to hire more people.

“We are hiring fourteen new employees, nine paramedics, three EMTs, all EMT firefighters and paramedics an EMS chief paramedic,” Berardi said.

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