Trustees approve 3% cannabis tax for possible future dispensaries

BOLINGBROOK, IL – Bolingbrook may not currently have an adult cannabis dispensary within the village limits, but it may one day be possible. At Tuesday’s board meeting, the directors voted unanimously to impose a 3% sales tax on any retail sale of cannabis for adult use.

In order to collect and distribute any recreational cannabis in Bolingbrook in 2022, the tax ordinance had to be passed by October 1. If dispensaries are allowed to open in Bolingbrook in the future, there is a need to ensure that they can be taxed by the village, officials said.

“Although we do not currently approve cannabis in the village of Bolingbrook, we felt it was best to have it on the books so that if it is approved we can at least get our financial compensation,” said the mayor. Marie Alexandre-Basta said at the meeting.

Alexander-Basta stressed that this was not a motion to approve sales of recreational cannabis, but rather to pass the motion before the deadline. Otherwise, the board would have had to wait until next June, she said, adding that the conversation around cannabis would continue.

In a recent iteration of Community Matters, Alexander-Basta hosted a question-and-answer session to discuss cannabis with public health and legal experts. Topics covered included addiction, income and possible health risks.

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