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Yesterday, WA’s Tax Structure Working Group received an update from their consultant on community meetings and outreach that took place earlier this year. From consultant’s report:

  • “… overall, participants were more concerned than favorable to a wealth tax. Participants expressed concern that a wealth tax would not be a stable tax base given the ease with which billionaires can leave the state. “
  • “Most participants did not express support for a combination of VAT and tax on employers’ pay …
  • “Participants expressed support for a tax on margins…” (Note: this is a recommendation from the WPC).
  • “There have been more comments expressing concerns about a fixed personal income tax and corporate tax than supporting comments.” (WA voters have consistently rejected income taxes)
  • “There have been more comments expressing concern about a progressive personal income tax and a progressive corporate income tax than comments in favor of these taxes.” (WA voters have consistently rejected income taxes)
  • “Participants expressed concerns about property taxes which continue to increase over time.”

With this community response to the tax structure process, hopefully we can finally shift from efforts to impose income tax and instead start focusing on providing sales tax relief and property with the nearly $ 8 billion increase in government revenues (over four years) since the budget was passed.

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