Victoria ISD Voter Approval Tax Rate Election and Ballot Bonds Election

Voters can expect to see all four VISD proposals on the ballot

VICTORIA, Texas – The next Voter Approval Tax Rate Election and Victoria Independent School District Bonds election will be on the ballot for the Nov. 2 election, which is now in a bit more of a week. Victoria ISD has had two previous bond proposals which both failed, but the district is hoping the third time will have the charm of passing the proposals.

ISD Victoria Superintendent Quinten Shepherd said the two A proposals, one to increase staff salaries and the other for district-wide facility repairs, if passed, would not result in any further increase in the tax rate.

“There is no further increase in the tax rate if both A proposals are approved. So there are two propositions a, when people go to vote, they’re two separate votes, if both were approved, there wouldn’t be any new additional tax rates to come up with, ”Shepherd explains. He

Also encourages anyone with questions about the proposals to contact the school district by email at [email protected]

Victoria ISD infographic explaining VATRE and bond election

The four community elections envisaged are as follows:

  • Proposal “A”: 3 cents VAT (election of voter approval tax rate), this would increase staff compensation at more competitive rates.
  • Proposal “A”: Election of the installation surety, priority repairs at the district level.
    • If approved, these two “A” proposals would not result in a total increase in the tax rate.
    • There are two distinct propositions “A”
  • Proposal “B”: election of a compulsory establishment, new middle school in Stroman
  • Proposal “C”: Election of the establishment bond, New Mission Valley elementary school

The maximum total tax impact per household if all of the proposals were passed would be approximately, for every $ 100,000 household in Victoria, $ 86.50 per year, or $ 7.21 per month. This requirement will not increase taxes for residents 65 years of age or older who have filed their homestead exemption.

Each proposal will be a stand-alone vote on the ballot, so voters will have the choice of choosing which proposals they wish to vote on.

Click on here to learn more about VATRE and here to learn more about the proposed bonds. For frequently asked questions about the proposals, click on here.

For more information on early voting and polling stations, click on here.

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