Whitfield County Commissioners will consider a property tax cut on Monday

Aug 28 – Landowners in Whitfield County could get a tax cut on Monday.

The Council of Commissioners will hold a meeting called at 5:00 p.m. in the Great Boardroom on the fifth floor of the Wells Fargo Building at 201 S. Hamilton St.

The commissioners are expected to set the property tax rate in 2021. They announced a rate of 8.18 miles, up from 8.312 miles in 2020. This would mark the fifth consecutive year that the commissioners have reduced the tax rate. The proposed rate is expected to bring in $ 22.578 million in revenue. The county collected $ 22.7 million in property tax revenue in 2020.

A mill costs $ 1 for every $ 1,000 of assessed value. Departmental taxes on 40% of the taxable value.

Board Chairman Jevin Jensen said that before the Commissioners vote, there will be a PowerPoint presentation on how the Commissioners arrived at the proposed rate.

“I added things related to our budget forecast and the mileage rate of surrounding counties so we can see how we stack up,” he said.

Commissioner Barry Robbins said he believed a tax cut was “appropriate at this time”.

“We will be responsible,” he said. “We will be careful. But I think we will provide some relief to taxpayers.”

The commissioners will hold another meeting called earlier at 4 p.m., when they will enter an executive session closed to the public and the media to interview candidates for the county administrator post.

This will be the second round of interviews. Commissioners interviewed 11 candidates earlier this month.

Former administrator Mark Gibson resigned in July to become director of operations for Whitfield County Schools. Gibson had been the county administrator since January 2011.

The commissioners appointed County Engineer Kent Benson as interim administrator. Benson continues to serve as a county engineer while serving as an interim administrator. He is not a candidate for the post of director.

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